Troubleshooting Tips For Moving An Image In Google Docs

April 20, 2022 Off By Koby Behan

You may have encountered the “how to move an image in Google Docs” error message. Well, there are several ways to solve this problem, we will get to that in a moment.


Adding images to the document itself can make it more attractive. Google Docs uses Google search to find suggestions and images to choose from. So you are likely to find one that suits your needs. If you want to use your own image feature, you can complete the image upload.

How To Move Images In Docs

As official Google docs usually do. Miscellaneous Attachments Other images can be used as design aids to make them presentable and effectively guide readers most often related to the topic. However, when it comes to storing and organizing these images, you must follow a simple method in addition to the right strategy for formatting your documents appropriately. In order to understand the tutorial on moving images in Google Docs, you need to follow the previously mentioned steps below.

Use Your Gaming Mouse Cursor To Drag Images When The Document Is Displayed.

FirstThe second way is to click exactly on the image and drag the house to the right place. This is a simple and practical method that won’t take long.

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Google Photos

You can also insert images from the Google Photos app. You have the option to select photos directly and for albums. Click Insert > Image > Photos to insert the Google Photos logo into your Google Docs document.

how do i move an image in google docs


Google Docs is one of the most important productivity tools, and I like to use almost daily. It’s powerful and very easy to use. But you may run into some difficulties, one of them is extracting photos of a doctor that your colleague sent you. If you know how to use some of the right tools or methods, this is an easy fix.

Three Basic Google Docs Workarounds For Adding Image Text

If you’re having trouble with the above method doesn’t work for you, there are at least three ways to add a background image to your Google Docs file. Generally speaking, if you have any othertips or approaches, share them with us in the main comment section at the end of this article!

How To Move An Image Behind Text In Google Docs

First you click on the image, in this case you click three vertical dots below the image, select the Position option from the Image Options section of the Tour sidebar, then move and align the image behind the text using Quick Layout.

What’s The Best Way To Place An Object Behind The Text In A Google Drawing Document?

Select your image in a File Explorer pop-up window of some kind and choose Paste. Imagine your now file appears in a Word document. Right-click on an image type and select Word Wrap > Before Text, as Google Docs does not support the After Text option. Save Word.file and close Word.

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Working With Images In Google Docs

Who doesn’t love a good example or an image in a long text file? Everyone is like that, right? Images that make documents look more appealing and appealing, more than that, it can’t be deniedtell. And let’s not forget how easy it must be!

how do i move an image in google docs