How To Manage File Transfer From Android To Android Via Bluetooth?

April 9, 2022 Off By Joe Day

You may encounter an error code while transferring files from Android to Android via Bluetooth. Well, there are a few steps you can take to fix this issue. We will return to this shortly.

In the settings for Bluetooth and other devices, find the appropriate settings and select “Send or receive files via Bluetooth”. In the Bluetooth File Transfer section, select Send Info & Facts and select the phone you want to share, then click Next. Choose Browse to find the directory or files you want to share, then choose Open > Next to send them, then Done.

how to transfer files from android to android using bluetooth

Using Third-party Apps

There are many third-party apps that can help you transfer data from your Android device to another Android smartphone. Apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and used to transfer versions, important documents, music, and videos between Android devices. Various smartphone manufacturers offer their own data applications, and you can find a useful use for them.

how to transfer files from android to android using bluetooth

How do I transfer everything from one Android phone to another?

Here we explain how to transfer the things that matter to you to a brand new phone, whether you’re moving from mobile to iPhone, iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone, or Android to iPhone.

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Transferring Files Via Bluetooth?

Bluetooth File Transfer is a really easy way to send archives to another nearby Bluetooth device without the need for a separate app. Bluetooth is compatible with compatible smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. You can transfer files via Bluetooth from Android OS, Fire OS, Windows OS, Mac OS and Linux OS.

Part 4. How To Transfer Data From Android To Android Using Gmail Or Mail App

Using Gmail on Android devices to transfer data from Android to another mobile phone or mobile phone is quite possible and is really suitable for small amounts of data. This requires that you have an actual Gmail account where you are dumping information. The procedures are detailed below:

Part 1. Best Way To Transfer Data From Android To Android With One Click

It’s Extremely Professional, Simple and Good – Organized Android to Android Transfer App – Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is what I strongly recommend you to transfer files from Android to Android. With this comprehensive file transfer software Between two phones, it will be easy for you to transfer data from Android to Android using Wi-Fi or USB cable. This Android to Android transfer tool supports almost all Android files you want to transfer, including contacts, messages, text call logs, photos, video clips, music, TV shows, etc. TV, audio files, e-books, PDF files , applications, etc.

Can You Use Bluetooth To Transfer Files?

In Bluetooth and other devices settings, scroll down to Related settings and select Send or receive personal files via Bluetooth. Under Bluetooth File Transfer, select Send Files and select the phone you want to share right now to click Next. Select Go to find the files you want to share, then select Open > Next to send them, then Done.

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Part One Or Two: Packet Data Transfer From Phone To Phone

Although you want to transfer files from phone to phone via Bluetooth, it will take a lot of time but is inefficient if you need to move ttons of files. What to do in this concept? Here I would like to recommend a very reliable phone to phone data transfer tool for you, please check it in the following paragraphs.

How To Pair Windows And An Android Device Via Bluetooth

After enabling Bluetooth, it’s time to pair the two devices. You can do this on any device, but let’s start with your mobile device. If Bluetooth is enabled, your Windows PC should be visible in the Bluetooth list of your Android device.

Enable Bluetooth

You must enable Bluetooth first. You can do this by going to Settings > Bluetooth or by opening the quick settings panel (open the notification panel by swiping down from the top of the screen and then tapping the settings icon on the right ) and long-pressing the Bluetooth icon .

Step 6. Connect To “other Device”

After pairing is complete, connect “Other to device” and click “Connect”. “Bluetooth Transfer” is trying to communicate with “another device”. If the connection is lost after a few seconds (i.e. the TV viewing screen continues to scroll),Check our “Other device” to see if it has an agreement that you need to accept.

Now Transfer Files Using A USB Cable

You can transfer files directly from your Android phone to a Windows PC and vice versa using a USB cable. Usually, when buying a new phone, a USB cable is included.

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